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Global Village continues to be one of Habitat for Humanity’s most successful volunteer programs.  The program offers people the opportunity to travel to another country and experience another culture while working alongside families in need of an adequate home


A Global Village trip offers you the opportunity to go to another country and work shoulder-to-shoulder with people from many different places and help to improve and build adequate homes.  The duration of Global Village trip is generally between 7 and 8 days, during which time you will be able to:

    • Experience a different culture
    • Work together with families in need
    • Witness housing problems in the developing world
    • Donate/Fundraise valuable funds for Habitat programs in the world
    • See the hope and potential of other families
    • Make new and long-lasting friendships
    • Visit fascinating places
    • Obtain a new vision of the world
    • Learn and become long-term advocates for adequate housing in the world

¿What activities will you undertake in Colombia?

Typical activities that volunteers participate in vary according to each project.

  • Tour the capital city of Bogota by bike including the sites of interest
  • The expansion or improvement of existing homes in a vulnerable community
  • Guided community walk-around for exposure to the Habitat Colombia program challenges
  • All meals will be shared with the team and lunches with the community with sharing and reflections sessions of each day’s activities
  • Work in community development with the construction of community infrastructure projects such as public spaces in the neighborhoods where we work
  • Guided visit to the famous Colombian Gold museum and cable-car ride to Montserrat
  • ‘High Impact’ Global Village volunteers will also learn about housing issues in Colombia, Habitat Colombia’s strategic responses and advocate for better housing policies and management strategies with the public and private housing sector while in Colombia.

¿Who can join and create global village teams?

Individuals can easily join a Global Village team by registering through the webpage of Habitat for Humanity International, like that of the U.S.A HERE. Also, churches, universities, or people that individually wish to form their own Global Village team can do so.  Your enthusiasm and motivation to organize a Global Village trip will reap great rewards including a new outlook on life and a new way of understanding the context of families in need of an adequate home.  The greater impact is simply working shoulder to shoulder with families and share their happiness and hope.  Habitat for Humanity International and Habitat for Humanity Colombia will help you plan your trip from recruitment to even the smaller details of the experience. We will agree with you the requirements and responsibilities of your group and our organization to ensure the very best planning takes place for the best possible experience.

¿How many people can participate in a Global Village Trip?

Groups generally comprise between 12 and 15 people.  The minimum number is between 8 and 10 participants, depending on the place where you decide to go.  It is also possible to form a team of a greater size in consultation with us.

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¿Are you interested in coming to Colombia to participate in Global Village?

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